CoastClim publishes papers that explore the links between marine coastal biodiversity, carbon sequestration and atmospheric feedbacks in our changing world. The publications thus span the topics of carbon and nutrient cycling in coastal habitats, benthic and pelagic biodiversity, greenhouse gas dynamics and aerosol formation. Please find links to the peer-reviewed articles, as well as, policy briefs and fact sheets below.


Ebullition dominates methane emissions in stratified coastal waters

Martijn Hermans, Christian Stranne, Elias Broman, Alexander Sokolov, Florian Roth, Francisco Nascimento, Carl-Magnus Mörth, Sophie ten Hietbrink, Xiaole Sun, Erik Gustafsson, Bo Gustafsson, Alf Norkko, Tom Jilbert, Christoph Humborg
Science of the Total Environment (2024)

Projected loss of brown macroalgae and seagrasses with global environmental change

Federica Manca, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Corey Bradshaw, Mar Cabeza, Camilla Gustafsson, Alf Norkko, Tomas Roslin, David Thomas, Lydia White, Giovanni Strona
Nature Communications (2024)

Eutrophication and deoxygenation drive high methane emissions from a brackish coastal system

Olga Żygadłowska, Florian Roth, Niels van Helmond, Wytze Lenstra, Jessica Venetz, Nicky Dotsios, Thomas Röckmann, Annelies Veraart, Christian Stranne, Christoph Humborg, Mike Jetten, Caroline Slomp
Environmental Science & Technology (2024)

Warming drives phenological changes in coastal zooplankton

Louise Forsblom, Tjardo Stoffers, Andreas Lindén, Maiju Lehtiniemi, Jonna Engström-Öst
Marine Biology (2024)

Biotic interactions between benthic infauna and aerobic methanotrophs mediate methane fluxes from coastal sediments

Elias Broman, Markus Olsson, Adele Maciute, Daniel Donald, Christoph Humborg, Alf Norkko, Tom Jilbert, Stefano Bonaglia, Francisco Nascimento
The ISME Journal (2024)

Methane dynamics in the Baltic Sea: investigating concentration, flux and isotopic composition patterns using the coupled physical-biogeochemical model BALTSEM-CH4 v1.0

Erik Gustafsson, Bo Gustafsson, Martijn Hermans, Christoph Humborg, Christian Stranne
Geoscientific Model Development (2024)

Seasonality strongly affects short-term C-storage in coastal macrophyte communities

Roel Lammerant, Eva Rohlfer, Alf Norkko, Camilla Gustafsson
Limnology & Oceanography (2024)

Salty, brackish, or fresh – saltiness matters for aquatic species

Leena Virta, Alf Norkko, Anna Villnäs
Frontiers for Young Minds (2024)

Declining salinity and increasing temperature reduce the diversity and resilience of benthic diatoms

Leena Virta & Per Hedberg
Environmental Microbiology (2024)

Linking resource quality and biodiversity to benthic ecosystem functions across a land-to-sea gradient

Saara Mäkelin, Aleksandra Lewandowska, Iván Rodil, Agnes Karlson, Christoph Humborg, Anna Villnäs
Ecosystems (2024)

A functional perspective on the factors underpinning biomass-bound carbon stocks in coastal macrophyte communities

Roel Lammerant, Alf Norkko, Camilla Gustafsson
Marine Environmental Research 193: 106289 (2024)


HOTFLOOR: A benthic chamber system to simulate warming of the seafloor

Norman Göbeler, Laura Kauppi, Robin Gottberg, Göran Lundberg, Alf Norkko, Joanna Norkko
Limnology & Oceanography Methods (2023)

The development of fish stocks and fisheries in the Baltic Sea since the last glaciation

Henrik Svedäng
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science (2023)

Flammable ice of profit and doom

Brett F. Thornton & Christian Stranne
Nature Chemistry 15: 294-294 (2023)

Changes in macrofauna bioturbation during repeated heatwaves mediate changes in biogeochemical cycling of nutrients

Laura Kauppi, Norman Göbeler, Joanna Norkko, Alf Norkko, Alicia Romero-Ramirez, Guillaume Bernard
Frontiers in Marine Science 9: 1-13 (2023)

Fucoid brown algae inject fucoidan carbon into the ocean

Hagen Buck-Wiese, Mona A. Andeskog, Nguyen P. Nguyen, Margot Bligh, Eero Asmala, Silvia Vidal-Melgosa, Manuel Liebeke, Camilla Gustafsson, Jan-Hendrik Hehemann
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120: 1-8 (2023)

Methane emissions offset atmospheric carbon dioxide uptake in coastal macroalgae, mixed vegetation and sediment ecosystems

Florian Roth, Elias Broman, Xiaole Sun, Stefano Bonaglia, Francisco Nasciamento, John Prytherch, Volker Brüchert, Maysoon Lundevall Zara, Märta Brunberg, Marc C. Geibel, Christoph Humborg, Alf Norkko
Nature Communications 14:1-11 (2023)

Policy Brief
Reducing eutrophication crucial to prevent coastal methane emissions

Erik Gustafsson & Christoph Humborg


An evaluation of new particle formation events in Helsinki during a Baltic Sea cyanobacterial summer bloom

Roseline C. Thakur, Lubna Dada, Lisa J. Beck, Lauriane L. J. Quéléver, Tommy Chan, Marjan Marbouti, Xu-Cheng He, Carlton Xavier, Juha Sulo, Janne Lampilahti, Markus Lampimäki, Yee Jun Tham, Nina Sarnela, Katrianne Lehtipalo, Alf Norkko, Markku Kulmala, Mikko Sipilä, Tuija Jokinen
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22: 6365-6391 (2022)

Ninety years of coastal monitoring reveals baseline and extreme ocean temperatures are increasing off the Finnish coast

Norman Goebeler, Alf Norkko, Joanna Norkko
Communications Earth & Environment 3: 1-11 (2022)

High spatiotemporal variability of methane concentrations challenges estimates of emissions across vegetated coastal ecosystems

Florian Roth, Xiaole Sun, Marc C. Geibel John Prytherch, Volker Brüchert, Stefano Bonaglia, Elias Broman, Francisco Nasciamento, Alf Norkko, Christoph Humborg
Global Change Biology 28: 4308-4322 (2022)

Anaerobic oxidation has a minor effect on mitigating seafloor methane emissions from gas hydrate dissociation

Christian Stranne, Matt O’Regan, Wei-Li Hong, Volker Brüchert, Marcelo Ketzer, Brett F. Thornton, Martin Jakobsson
Communications Earth & Environment 3: 1-10 (2022)


Policy Brief
Healthy coastal ecosystems are crucial to mitigate climate change

Florian Roth & Camilla Gustafsson