Senior researcher with focus on marine microbial environmental genomics

The Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University is recruiting a senior researcher with a background in microbial environmental genomics to, in collaboration with a growing research group at SU and ScilifeLab, investigate the role and function of the coastal zone in the Baltic Sea ecosystem and related feedbacks to the climate system. The researcher will be employed at Stockholm University, but half of their work will be at SciLifeLab.

The position is with a research group that studies the environmental factors that affect the turnover of carbon and nutrients in the coastal region of the Baltic Sea. Various research techniques will be used, including metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metabarcoding, coupled genomics-biogeochemistry studies will be performed on environmental samples (water, sediments, etc) as well as in mesocosm studies as part of the CoastClim project performed at the field stations Askö (SU).

The successful candidate for this position will be actively involved in both research groups at SU and SciLifeLab (Environmental Genomics Lab, belonging to KTH) and have a coordinating function between the groups. The candidate will conduct own research projects within CoastClim as well as be involved in other CoastClim projects. The candidate is expected to provide guidance to doctoral students and contribute to teaching in metagenomics and environmental genomics.

The candidate must have experience and a strong interest in at least one of the fields below, preferably in combination with a special focus on the coastal zone:

• Microbial environmental genomics
• Link between microbial genomics and biochemical cycles
• Bioinformatic analysis of large-scale metaomics datasets.

Closing date: 7.7.2024